The best ideas for a summer cottage: 110 photos of exclusive ideas and new products in landscape design at a summer cottage
Probably every homeowner wants his home to be not only cozy and comfortable inside,
DIY cement crafts for the cottage and garden - a selection of practical master classes (70 photos)
Advantages of crafts made from cement One of the most important advantages of this substance is its relative cheapness.
Designer forged balusters in the luxurious interior of a white living room act as a bright accent
Forged products in luxury interiors using the example of design projects with photos
Designer forged products in the interior are rich, exotic and grandiose. Despite their metallic
garden figure cat
Crafts from plastic bottles: 135 photos of options for using plastic in garden decoration
A Worthy Alternative Most people throw used plastic bottles in the trash. Considering that the decomposition period
Fairytale topiary: nuances of compositions and rules of creation (25 photos)
Topiary (“tree of happiness”) is a popular decorative decoration. Its history goes back thousands of years and began
Castle made of stone
DIY stone crafts for the garden: 5 unusual ideas
Sometimes you really want to surprise others with something outlandish. A do-it-yourself castle in the country is
Standard bench sizes for a summer cottage
Benches for the garden - simple instructions on how to make them yourself
It’s hard to imagine a well-kept home without nice benches and benches. But sometimes, sitting down on a stylish
DIY crafts from old things (85 photos)
Crafts from old things: instructions on how to use old things to create beautiful crafts, DIY work plans + 120 photos
Photo: Surely many people don’t even suspect how many useful, practical and beautiful things you can
DIY garden and vegetable garden
Do-it-yourself landscape design: TOP-200 ideal design and beautiful combination (instructions + diagrams)
Visually separate the garden and vegetable garden. Zoning the space in the garden will help you create a more holistic
Do-it-yourself canopy (canopy) over the porch - detailed instructions for creating and fastening with your own hands, types of structures, choice of materials + design ideas
A canopy or other structure over the porch is required not only to complete the building, but
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